Magalie R.

The educators are attentive, a super nice gym and a beautiful outdoor class in addition to being a stimulating place for my children!

Robert M.

Le Nid De Namur has the growth and development of their children at heart. They provide a healthy and motivating environment to support this premise.The educators “actually” care and are sensitive to the growing needs of the children, and the management team have always their ears to the ground to ensure the quality and continuity of their service. There is a sense of family there, and it’s comforting to know they are keenly mindful of the expectations of parents while never compromising the needs of the children. The Nid De Namur have complete facilities, including a private chef on staff. My kids have benefited from their educational philosophy and have prepared them properly for the next step in their academic journey.

Simon L.

Wonderful daycare. Attentive staff, great location, they have a good backyard in the shade and two parks nearby so the kids get plenty of fresh air, plus a gym for rainy days! Both our kids attend this place and they love it, love the educators and I can’t compete with chef Kassian when it comes to good food!? Our kids will also attend their summer camp “Jeutaime”. Couldn’t be happier.